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Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Completion of Data Collection

Data collection of the research has come to an end. I have 1540 respondents (English version - 1364; Malay - 176) for my online survey. There were 3 sets of faulty data which I deleted, so right now I have in my hands the end result of 1537 blog readers, of whom 852 are bloggers.

Qualitative data collection also came to an end about 2 weeks ago, with 11 people interviewed. 10 were bloggers, and I also managed to talk to Steven Gan of Malaysiakini.

Currently I am busy analyzing information from the survey database. I'm also working on the actual manuscript, but hardly at a breakneck speed considering my tight deadline. *grimace*

I will post a summary of the findings here after I submit the thesis. First draft will hopefully be ready by mid January.


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