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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Research Updates /All BN MPs have blogs?

I was busy for the past two days attending the conference on "Shaping Public Opinion in a Changing Media Environment" at Crown Princess Hotel. It was a truly big event, as illustrated comprehensively in Jeff's latest post on "Why fight Internet as an outsider?" covering the profiles of those who came.

The event was a great networking opportunity, as I snapped up 3 interviews with A. Kadir Jasin, Teresa Kok and Steven Gan, Malaysiakini's editor. This neatly sums up my interviewee count to 10. Prof Wan Zawawi, my thesis supervisor, also strongly recommended an interview with Rustam A. Sani, a revered academician - so I will probably call him too.

Latest survey respondent count: 360. Tony Pua whom I met again in the conference suggested a Malay version of the survey to reach out to Malay bloggers and blog readers, so I will probably be working on that very soon.

Lastly, here's one bit of information for you to chew on - at the conference today, Session 5, Politicians Who (Are Not Shy To) Blog (speakers are MP of DAP, Teresa Kok, and MP of UMNO, Ir. Hj Hamim bin Hj Samuri), Hamim said that all BN MPs have their own blog, in the BNBBC website. Incidentally, Teresa who spoke before Hamim had quipped that, "Not all bloggers blog".

I would love to go through the BNBBC blogs but unfortunately the site is down. There is a note saying that the website would be up by 6th of December. Hamim provided statistics that the BNBBC site gets 500,000 hits per month (which works out to about 16,666 hits per day).

The conference was very interesting with many lively debates, as well as a list of recommendations to be submitted to the government. However, the conference ended on somewhat an anticlimax when Assoc. Prof Zaharom Nain from USM asked the conference organizer how the recommendations would be conveyed, by whom, to whom, and through what channels. The spokesperson was rather vague in his answer and said "we can't promise anything".


  • What a shame the conference organisers are uncertain where they would send the recomendations to. I believe all the papers presented and recommendations should be uploaded on the internet and made available to all. What is there to hide? Otherwise this will be just another talkfest, and will not contribute to changing the sad state of the mainstream media in the country.

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 2:38 PM  

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