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Thursday, November 30, 2006

The Online Survey is Out!!

This is the URL to the survey:

This is the preamble:
I am a Master's student studying in University of Malaya. This survey is part of my thesis, titled "Is blogging an effective tool to democratize Malaysia?"

The questionnaire is composed mostly of Multiple Choice Questions, and is divided into three parts:
Part I: General Demography (12 questions)
Part II: For Blog Readers (14 questions)
Part III: For Bloggers (11 questions)
(*Respondents without a blog can skip Part III)

Important: Please fill in this questionnaire only if you are a blog reader/blogger residing in Malaysia, or a blog reader/blogger of Malaysian nationality residing abroad.

My blog on research is at =) You can also reach me at my email: I will try to reply all mails as soon as possible.

Your participation means a lot to my research and the Malaysian blogosphere at large. Thanks for your time!

I would really appreciate it if you took some time to answer this survey. It will take you 15 minutes at most, because most of the questions are MCQs, and I took into account the comments from the pre-launch and cut some questions off, so this is the slimmed down version.

The major goals of this questionnaire are to gage the demography of blog readers and bloggers - and also to supply evidence to my thesis question: "Is blogging an effective tool for democratizing Malaysia?"

This survey is open for one month, i.e. until 30 December 2006. My thesis is due mid January, so those interested in the analysis can contact me at that time. You are also welcome to link this post (and I would be super grateful) and spread the word about this survey.


  • i just realised that ur survey as a multiple choice question doesn't quite deal directly with your master thesis. i'm just going to assume that the sample ure trying to get is numbers based? and only a portion of ur research.

    ur thesis sounds more better suited for an opinion based survey instead. just my two sen.

    By Anonymous midnite lily, at 2:04 PM  

  • Dear Midnite Lily,

    My research data collection consists of two parts, one part is quantitative, i.e. the survey, which I am going to get the numbers from; and the second part is qualitative, where I interview 10 bloggers for their opinions of where the blogging phenomenon is going towards, and some behind-the-scenes stories.

    Hopefully I will have everything covered for the final analysis. Thanks for your input and advice!! (and for linking me!) =)

    By Blogger June, at 10:44 PM  

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