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Wednesday, December 20, 2006 - The blog for Malaysian Activists

I have found a blog on Malaysian civil society movements. At, Malaysian NGOs get to post their events on a common platform. Indeed, according to the About page, the site caters to the general public as audiences, and activist organizations as propagators.

For the general public, this site will hopefully offer an easy way for anyone interested to see what various civil society organizations are saying and working on in Malaysia. For activist organizations, was set up to be an additional platform and medium for getting their various messages across.

I have yet to find the list of organizations participating in this blog, but at first glance, the blog houses a number of prominent NGOs, such as:
Areas of interest are categorized by category, ranging from civil liberties to environment. They even have job postings from various NGOs. is a relatively new blog, commenced from October 2006. It is maintained by Nathaniel Tan. I believe that it is a great initiative, if this blog is well-publicized and establishes itself as the hub of NGOs and the blog to turn to when one wants to know the latest activities of Malaysian activist groups. It can also become the common platform for NGOs to combine their activities and supporter base to create a louder voice.


  • I noticed you do not have the following blogs in your list

    By Blogger hawaiichee, at 3:43 PM  

  • This as well

    By Blogger hawaiichee, at 3:47 PM  

  • Hi Hawaii:
    Thanks for the feedback.

    For the list in this post, they are the NGOs participating in For the list on my sidebar, they are the people who have contributed in my research by being interviewed or by volunteering their personal data collection. Which list do you mean?

    The blogs that you have mentioned are good reading, no doubt. I personally read most of them =)

    By Blogger June, at 3:51 PM  

  • Hi June!

    Am actually only now seeing this, and wanted to say thanks so much for helping to highlight it, appreciate it! :)

    Also, I think this is the first (only?) other place i've seen the banner, thanks!

    Looking fwd to your results! :)

    nat :)

    ps- sorry, that youth4change link is to an org in the US. ours doesn't have a website as of yet i believe.. :)

    By Anonymous nat, at 6:49 PM  

  • Hi Nat,

    I've removed the link, and thanks for dropping a message =)

    By Blogger June, at 10:13 PM  

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