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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

First post

I've decided to keep a separate blog for documenting findings and development of the thesis. It will probably serve me better than the crummy notebook with unintelligible scrawls all over, or lacing scraps of information along happenings and rants in my personal blog.

Firstly, today was a good day for soliciting interviews. I sent out 4 emails this morning and got 3 positive replies, from Rockybru, SKThew and James Wong. That's like a 75% success rate! Pretty encouraging. Therefore, the interview respondent count right now is 6 (Including Jeff Ooi, Tony Pua and Sharizal Shaarani whom I have already interviewed). I will need another 4, and those 4 will hopefully contain races other than Malay and Chinese, and a couple of women.

I discussed the online survey issue with Wiun and YKent just now. I am starting to realize that it is probably necessary for me to conduct two online surveys, one for the bloggers and one for blog readers. To rely on the same survey for bloggers to get statistics for their blog-reading habits will probably give me a half-baked picture of the overall blog-reader population. I will discuss this issue with Prof W.

I just found a survey done by Syed Syahrul Zarizi as recent as September 2006, which he has named Malaysia Blog Survey. He is the guy who did the 70 weblog paling popular di Malaysia ranking, which I had known of sometime ago. But I didn't know that he had also did a blogger demography survey! I will contact him to get permission for using his data and also for further information.


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